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We at Epokgården have always shown great regard for the environment and try to think about the environment and sustainability in all our work and in our choice of products. We also like to spread our thinking to our guests and encourage them to participate in it during their stay with us.

The plant is largely heated by solar cells and geothermal heat.
We have low-energy lamps in our luminaires and presence-controlled lamps in our toilets.
We sort out what we consume and encourage guests to do so.
We wash in phosphate-free detergents and do not use rinse aid.
We use non-woven fabrics and eco-friendly cleaning products as much as possible. The detergents we use are ecolabelled.
We are members of organizations that protect the environment, nature and sustainability thinking.
We use environmentally friendly printer paper and print as little as possible.
We are careful about water use, we save rain water to water flowers and also urge our guests to be careful with water when washing dishes and showers.
We follow the municipality's recommendations here, as our groundwater level is low.
We shut down computers and other electrical appliances when not in use.
We have minimized our use of disposable items. When we serve coffee and / or food, it is usually homemade and locally produced and vegetarian / vegan alternatives are available.
We have started to lose weight in plastic and then change things to more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

We reuse and fix things that can be repaired. When we buy new we buy quality so it lasts long and is easy to find spare parts.

We hire staff locally, who are knowledgeable about - and passionate about telling "their" Öregrund for guests and visitors. Staff receive information and increased knowledge of sustainability and environmental thinking and have their own areas of responsibility where this is included. The staff walks or cycles to and from the workplace and as much as possible in service.  

For us who work at Epokgården, it is important that you get a sustainable stay with us!

Sustainable LIVING
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Sustainable LIVING

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